July 27, 2008

N is for...No Turning Back!!

Bingo!! After all this time of trying to force-feed my child, we finally hit the jack-pot! She wants table-food! Look at that face! This is the first bite of a grilled-cheese sandwhich, and the girl looks like she just won the lottery! So funny! So, table-food it is. She loves fish, chicken, sandwich-meat and cheese.
Here are a few more pictures to keep you up to date.

My favorite duckling.
Totally worn-out from the jumper!
Daddy with sheep on head...
Baby with sheep on head.
Just a sweet picture.
This picture makes me smile. Addi has discovered that she can totally entertain herself for some time, by admiring her own reflection. This week, I was in the kitchen making dinner, and Addi found the stainless-steel trash can. True to form, she was good for about twenty minutes or so...

Love you guys!

July 24, 2008

M is for...Muffin Top!!

Okay, so I always rely on my friend Kam, to keep me updated on the latest trends...including lingo. A few days ago, she mentioned the term "muffin top", and couldn't believe that I had never heard it. So, I consulted UrbanDictionary.com, and this is what I learned:
"Muffin-Top is a word used to describe the strange and bizarre waist scrunching effect that results when females wear tight fitting, low-rise/hip-hugger pants along with small-sized, navel exposing, mid-riff tops."
Sure enough...it does look like a muffin-top...

And no, this is not a picture of me!!

July 21, 2008

L is for...Longitudinally Challenged

Does anyone else think that it is super awkward when someone that you don't even know by name, tries to "tease" you?? I'm short...I realize that. And I am not at all, sensitive about it. Haven't been since...I don't know...second grade or so. I have heard every short-joke in the world, and am usually pretty quick to "zing" back, in a hilarious sort of way. Heck, half the time, I am telling short-jokes on myself. But yesterday at work, this paramedic (that I swear I have never seen before) yells across the ER, "Hey Amy, did you shrink a few inches since the last time I saw you??" I wasn't offended. Just totally annoyed. At least introduce yourself to me first, so I will feel comfortable making fun of your momma, in response!! I just kind of gave a quick courtesy-laugh, and went on my way. Totally took the fun out of it! Does this sort of thing annoy anyone else??

July 14, 2008

K is for...Kapalua Beach!

So, it is 3:50 in the morning. I have to be in the ER in 2 hours, which is approximately how much sleep I have had tonight. Oh the joy of a teething 8 month old at 2 am. I guess that's what I get for bragging tonight about what a great sleeper my baby-girl is! Oh Lord, please let me close my eyes, and wake up back on our little secluded beach in Maui!!

July 9, 2008

J is for...Junk!!

I'm sure that all of you have seen the endless commercials for this product, and I'm sure that I am not the only one who, despite having Never ordered ANYTHING off an infomercial, could not resist the genius of "the egg". I'm here to tell you....It's junk. I was sooo disappointed! So ladies, stick with the pedicures. Don't succumb to the allure of the infomercial!!