November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009 (I know...this was SO last week!)

I have to be honest. Sometimes I hate blogger. Why does it take so long to upload photos?? And why in the world does it upload them in the reverse order that you wanted??

I digress....

I finally present to you (in reverse order) Addi's first trick-or-treat and MRCC Fall Festival.
She had such a great time. She knew exactly why we were there, and didn't waste any time on small talk!
Daddy and his butterfly. See, wasting no time.
Kissing cousins
Just before the big-event.
Total concentration. She loved this art-project, and was so proud of her final masterpiece
Addi, Jaylen, and Vivian (otherwise known as the "triplets") 23 months
Addi and sister Viv
First time in our costume. We were a little nervous how she would respond to the something covering her head, but she LOVED it!
This was such a fun Halloween! Can't wait until next year!