May 20, 2008

F is for...Falling Turkeys and Forward Movement!

Somehow, my very creative husband figured out that he could entertain Addi for hours by simply dropping things on the floor. Hopefully this form of entertainment is just a temporary phase! Addisyn has a toy that we call the "turkey" because it looks like the NBC mascot. She thinks it is hysterical to see it fall to the floor.

Yesterday, Addi turned 6 mos old. She is changing every day! I know that this next video will not be nearly as exciting to anyone else as it is to me. But I just had to capture this moment when I got home from work last night. She is definitely on the move!

May 18, 2008

E is for...Eyes!!

So, many of you who have met my daughter have asked the same question..."What color are those eyes??" Well, I guess we must be bad parents, because we still haven't been able to figure this out. It is hard for us to get a great picture, but this is best shot I could get. I don't know, maybe you guys can figure it out...

In other news, the "triplets" will be 6 mos old tomorrow!!! Happy half-birthday to Addisyn, Jaylen, and Vivian!! Melody and Mandy~we have got to get the girls together to get some pictures! It still kills me that we did not get one in the hospital!

Addi has her 6 mo appt with Dr Stephens this week. She continues to amaze us with how she changes on a daily basis now! She has been sitting up for almost a month, and is SO close to "organized" crawling! She gets from here-to-there by scooting, and lunging herself forward. She laughs all the time and makes every attempt to get BOTH feet in her mouth at the same time. No, she did not learn this from her mom! Here are a few more pics to enjoy...

May 6, 2008

D is for....Derailed!!

Okay, so when I started this blog, I just knew that the only thing that I would ever think to blog about would be Addisyn. Well, something happened yesterday at work that I just had to share with you...

So, I pick up a patient-chart of an adult-male. The chief-complaint says "Sore throat". Aw...easy. Should be in and out. So, I trot myself in the room, take a brief history, tell the patient that he indeed has a monster-case of tonsilitis, as well as an ear infection. I let him know that antibiotics should clear him right up, and I'm half-way out the door when I hear the dreaded phrase, "Oh, by the way doc...". Those of you in the medical field know that this is NEVER good, and almost ALWAYS involves a close inspection of the "nether-regions". I feel that inevitable shudder, and I slowly close the door again.

The patient proceeds to tell me, "I think I might have the Herp". The silent bubble above my head screaming "Ugh...I knew it!"
Me: "okay sir, let me step out of the room while you get undressed. Here is a gown. I need you to undress from the waist down, and I will be back in just a moment."
Okay, so fast-forward five minutes or so. I grab my nurse to come assist me with this exam. Walk in the room, and I swear to you, the patient is standing there, butt-naked with the exception of his cowboy boots, and ten-gallon cowboy-hat! I was so caught off guard, and lost for words, that before I could stop myself I had said, "Oh...(long pause) do you keep those boots on for everything?"!!! Can you believe that! I turned like, five shades of red! What an idiot!

I apologize for the incredibly poor taste of this blog, but I just had to share with all of you, my ultimate patient faux-paux. Have a great-day guys!

May 1, 2008

C is for...Cake!!

Last Saturday was my niece's 1st birthday party! I can't believe how fast time has flown! It seems like yesterday, that this 2 lb. 8 oz. baby-girl decided that she just couldn't wait another 8 weeks to come into this world. Although very tiny, she surprised us all with her daily progress. She spent the first 6 wks in the NICU, but has spent the last year making us all smile! She is precious. Happy birthday Payten!