August 21, 2008

P is for...Posing!!

Addi is hysterical these days!! Until the last couple of weeks, every time we got out the camera, she would totally clam-up. We would have to hide to try to get a good picture. Now, she is a total ham! She can't get enough of the camera! She is so much fun!! We took her in today for her 9 mo check up. She is 17 lbs 8 oz (just under the 25%), and 27 inches long (50%). We were all set to get her ears pierced this morning, but Cathy (Dr Stephens Nurse Practitioner) was out of the office :( Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures!!

August 13, 2008

O is for...Oooooo-U!

Just 17 more days!! Woo-hoo! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE fan of my Sooners! Fall is the best time of year in my book!! I love everything about Football Saturdays. The anticipation, the Norman traffic, listening to Al and "Charlton Heston", the parties, kickoff. Man, just breathing the Norman-air on game day is an experience! Rich and I have been fortunate enough to have season-tickets for the last several years, but decided (reluctantly) to sell our tickets this year :( So, football-saturday will Now be starting at 9am (College Gameday), every week at the Walker household! We like to have a lot of football parties, so anyone who knows how to sing Boomer-Sooner, is welcome!!

Boomer-Sooner Baby!!