July 21, 2010

It is finished, and it is good.

The pergola is finished!  I would not believe it if I didn't get to stare at it all day!  We have been talking about this for more than a year now and now that it's done, I keep asking myself why we waited so long to get it started.  I love it!  I don't want to get super-sappy, but I am so proud of my husband for doing this.  He designed and built the entire thing by himself.  He spent 8-10 hours per day in 100 degree weather, and loved every minute of it.  I will never again question his creative-capabilities.

So, here are the step-by-step pictures...

He even worked in the dark...

Don't mind the chalk all over the side!  Hopefully we will get a little rain soon.  This is pretty much the finished project.  The only thing he has left to do is wrap the footings.  Isn't it awesome?!?!

I'm pretty sure that he is addicted now to building projects.  He is walking around with his head hung low, he's lost his appetite, and I might have heard a little whimper coming from his side of the bed last night.....almost like he has lost his best friend.  I give it two months before he has come up with a new building project. :)

July 15, 2010

What we've been up to.

Well, since the last time I posted, we found out that we are expecting baby number two!!  This pregnancy has been so much different than my first.  I have been WAY more tired, and WAY more hungry this time around.  I am almost through the first trimester, and am praying that I get a little energy back in a couple of weeks. 

We had our first ultrasound today.  This is our baby at 12 wks.  Heart-rate 168.

We went on vacation to Myrtle Beach last month with some very dear friends, Jared and Casey Cox.  We have been talking about vacationing for more than 10 years, and finally got around to doing it!

Enjoying the Beach

Sandcastles with Dad

Addi and Christian

We have also made about a million trips to the zoo.  Addi gets so excited the second we pull into the parking lot.  She has decided that giraffes and monkeys are her favorite animals.  (Why does there have to be a five-mile walk to get around to see the giraffes anyway)

This guy was pretty entertaining.  Right about this time, he started relieving himself.  Totally made the day of about 10 little school-boys standing next to us.

Whoa.  That is some crazy hair.  Does everyone know about Will Rogers Park??  How is it that I have lived here my whole life and have never been to these gardens??  Absolutely gorgeous.  If you have a good camera, you might just never leave.  Seriously made me rethink my choice of profession.

Feeding ducks with cousin Payten

Masterpiece in the making.  Poor thing....she is going to be devestated when her playroom is transitioned to the new nursery.  Wah.

She does paint a pretty picture though.

Addi at her friend's birthday party

Loving her Gampa's homemade chicken noodle soup.  This girl is so happy.

And this is what Richard has been up to.  Building a pergola!  You would think that he would have waited until it got a little cooler outside, but I'm not about to stop him.  Please don't anyone tell him that it isn't normal to drink four quarts of gatorade and not pee.  Okay, that maybe crossed the appropriate-line.  I apologize...or maybe I don't.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a fun summer!!!