August 4, 2010

Dream on

So, my last post said that I thought it would be a couple of months before Rich started his next "project".  I was wrong.  It only took ten days.  I came home from work to be confronted with this diagram, that he had spent who knows how long drawing.  This, my friends, is a schematic of the back-yard.  I wish that you could see just how much detail he put into this drawing....and how much dreaming.  Look closely.  We've got it all folks.  Two decks, a hot-tub, a Koi-pond and river, a waterfall, a bridge, a trampoline, a sitting-bench, a stone-path...the list just goes on and on.  I have also been made aware that we need a "focal-point" for the back-yard.  Of course we do.
I love my husband for his vision and excitement for yardwork.    But this went a little far.