April 23, 2009

Am I the only one??

Surely I can't be the only one that this has happened to. Last week I was looking for a new pressed foundation, and came upon this new brand being sold at Target. Super-cute packaging (makes a difference, right??), catchy brand-name (I'm sure, directly proportional to the quality of the product!). Funny though...no where to be found were any prices for any of the Pixi products. I usually use Mary Kay, which is generally $14 or so. Surely this would be in the same price-neighborhood...surely. So, without a second-thought, I took my one and ONLY purchase up to check out.
The cashier happily informs me "That will be $37.93 ma'am"
Are you serious?? $40 for pressed foundation from Target? And of course, now there about 5 people behind me in line. Needless to say, I swallowed my pride, and informed the cashier that I would be passing on the super-cutely-package, catchy-brand-name foundation. But what I'm still irritated about is this...
If Target is going to choose to start carrying better quality cosmetics, please do us all a favor (and save us some embarassment) by at least listing the price on the shelf. I have been to two other Targets since this happened, and NONE of them have prices on the Pixi products. So annoying.

April 18, 2009

Advice Needed please

Hey guys. I am needing your help. Rich and I are going on vacation in a few weeks. This will be the first vacation that we've been on with Addisyn. Anyway, I am already getting so stressed out about the logistics of traveling with an 18 month old. To start, we will be flying and renting a car at our destination. Should we bring our own carseat?? If so, how do you go about checking a carseat? Do we need to put it in a box of some sort, or what?? Next, I am terrified that my child will be the one that everyone dreads sitting next to on the plane. What kind of tips do you have, for keeping an 18 mo old happy and quiet during a flight?? Finally, should we just plan on using a crib provided by our hotel? She has never slept in bed with us, and we are pretty determined to not start the habit now.
Any advice from all of you mommies would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

April 14, 2009


If you haven't yet become friends with a great photographer, I highly recommend it! Thanks Mandy ! These were some of my favorites...
I realize that Addi is not smiling in this picture, but it was the only one with both of us, in which she wasn't scowling or looking away from the camera. Come on Addi...if you're going to be a celebrity, you're going to have to start loving the camera a little more!

April 5, 2009

All the things we love today

Addi is 16 1/2 months and getting cuter and cuter everyday! These are just some of the things that she is doing, that make us fall in love everyday...
1. We adore the fact that you will scoot your little bottom across the hardwood floor and yell, "Wee!!"
2. Anytime we give you a tissue, you make a point to clean not only your own nose, but anyone else's in the room.
3. You absolutely LOVE Elmo, and will stop dead in your tracks when you hear "Elmo's World".
4. You get so excited anytime you see a frog, and will say "Wibbet".
5. You still love to be held and loved on.
6. You love to give kisses and will even take time to kiss all of your toys before bed.
7. You absolutely love being outside, and it is nearly impossible to get you to come back in.
8. I love that you know when something is trash, and will bring it to us to have it thrown away.
9. I love that you love to be chased, and that you love it when your daddy jumps out to "scare" you. The surprise on your face is priceless! I have NO idea who you inherited this from.
10. I love that you know how to smell the flowers.
11. It is so sweet when you want to touch Daddy's "stickers" on his face.
12. You are such a good helper! Thank you for helping mommy and daddy clean-up all your toys.
13. I love it that your first two-syllable word was "el-bow", and pointed to mommy's as I was changing your diaper one morning.
14. You are still such an awesome sleeper!! You sleep 12 hours every night!!
15. We love your sweet laugh, and love that you love to be tickled so we can hear it all the time.

You are such a blessing Addisyn. You bring so much joy to all who know you, and have the privledge to be around you. Thank you for being such a bright star in our lives. We love you so much bigger than our small words can tell you.

Mommy and Daddy