May 26, 2010

Yard work and veggies!!!

This year, Rich promised me that he would build me a raised vegetable garden.  Some of my best memories growing up were the times I spent with my grandparents, harvesting vegetables ALL summer long.  There's something about being able to go produce-shopping, right in your backyard!
So, here was the finished product.  I wish that I had taken pictures during the building process...but I didn't, so just get over it.  This picture was taken in March.

This picture was taken this afternoon.  We are growing broccoli, yellow bell-peppers, jalepenos, and several types of tomatoes.

Well hello there...

Holy Broccoli!!  These guys are HUGE!

Sorry guys, you're headed to the steamer.  You will be eaten very shortly.

Can anyone guess what this is????

Summer-time makes me SO happy.  Scratch that...sunshine and flowers make me SO happy! 
I have gone crazy this year with the Knock-out Roses. 
We have these planted all over the yard.

Mmmm...Gerber Daisies.  My favorite.

But these are a close second!

May 19, 2010

"Sit down Gi-mo, and let me read you a story!"

Addi has become extremely bossy these days when it comes to wanting to "read" other people stories.  Poor Gizmo (Gi-mo in Addi-language) takes one for the team pretty frequently.

Here he is waiting patiently.  Apparently he wasn't close enough for her satisfaction...

"Come sit right here Gi-mo."
The story is riveting...I can assure you.

"Look, look, look Gi-mo!!"

Dude...I'm outta here!

I love this girl!!!