March 28, 2009

"I dunno"

"I dunno." My child's first phrase. Not "I love you". Not "good morning" or "night-night". We have no idea where she learned this, but anytime we ask her a question, the answer is a quick shoulder-shrug and "I dunno". Pretty cute.

March 23, 2009

Picture update

Such a Daddy's girl

I swear, this is not how we provide her milk

Always happy...


Sister Viv with me at the zoo

Lunch date with Viv

March 3, 2009

Time's up...

This is my latest love-affair. And the subject of my last blog. Elizabeth was right! The glass full of nasty black water was from a "once-over" in the living room. Okay, seriously guys...I know what you are thinking. You are probably thinking that our carpet must be a hundred years old, and that we must be dirty, disgusting people. Well, we're not, and our house is actually only two years old! I was totally amazed/disgusted by what I vacuumed up! Anyway, this was the best Valentines Day present ever! Thanks honey!