June 18, 2008

I is for...I can't believe she is 7 months!!!

Time is going by way too fast! I can't believe how much Addi changes on a daily basis! She is crawling all over the place now. You know, I have been so excited for the day that Addi started crawling, and now that she is in full-swing, I am a little freaked out and realize how much more cautious I have to be. Case in point, I had her in the bathroom with me while I was putting on my make-up yesterday and before I knew it, the child was chewing on the cord to the blow-dryer (which of course was plugged in...please don't call DHS on me!!)

I love this picture. This is Addi and Payten with Grandpa (my dad). He loves his girls!!

Our first biter-biscuit. She still doesn't have any teeth yet, but man can she gum those biscuits!!
Aunt Kathleen with her nieces...
Addi's new toy. She loves to walk holding on to this.
And this is my best friend Shelby, with her baby-girl, Kylie. Kylie and Addi WILL be best-friends. They just don't know it yet. :)

June 13, 2008

Oh no he didn't!!

So, Addi and I were at Sams on Wednesday. Totally minding my own business, when this little old man shuffled right over to me and said, "You know, I disagree with children having children." Are you kidding me?!?! I was totally shocked! I finally managed to say, "Well, it's a good thing then, that I am not a child." He just kind of smirked, and shuffled away. Why do old men have to be so crotchety?? Oh well...If I were a child though, I might have stolen his walker...

June 10, 2008

H is for...Happy Anniversary!!

Last Wednesday, Rich and I celebrated our 9th anniversary!! (Only 9 years??? Seems like an e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y) Okay, totally kidding there. I cannot believe how fast time has flown, and how much our relationship has changed. We have been through so much together! We have back-packed through Europe, played on the beaches of Maui, snorkled in the Carribean, cruised the inside passage of Alaska, and dined in Times Square. Yes, we have had so many amazing times together. But none more amazing than sharing in the birth of our daughter last fall!! We have truly been best-friends and partners. He is my rock. And I cannot imagine life without this man!!!

June 3, 2008

G is for...Growing Girl

Hey guys! Sorry it has taken me so long to post again! Addi had her 6 mo check up a couple of weeks ago. She weighed in at 15 lbs 2 oz (25 percent) and was 25.5 inches long (50 percent). She has started crawling, but hasn't yet figured out how to pull up on things. We have started trying to feed her baby food, which has been a challenge each and every time! I can't figure out if she doesn't like it, or if she is just not ready for it. She is looking more and more like her Daddy everyday. Rich had the nerve to joke with me that she had "her Momma's thigh's", like this was supposed to make me feel better about my contribution to the genetic-pool! Great...she is going to be a fair-skinned, red-head with hail-damaged "thunder-thighs" (my gymnastics coaches "affectionately" gave me this nickname in junior high. Perfect for a young girls self-confidence :). Hopefully she will forgive me someday :)

I left Addi on the floor in her bedroom to grab the phone, and came back to find her wedged underneath the changing table. And there is Gizmo, hoping she will spit up at any moment. Why are dogs so disgusting???
Addi with her cousin Payten, playing together after our Memorial Day bbq
Our first time in the high-chair!
Okay, this bathtub is SO much fun. It is the perfect size, has a drain in the bottom, and quacks when you squeeze its beak!! Love it!!
And this is our first trip to the pool. She didn't get to spend much time in the water, because Mom has not yet had the courage to dawn the bikini. Plus, I think I saw a sign that said "please keep hail-damage to a minimum". Oh well, guess I'm out :)
But Addi had a good time anyway. She got to sit on the steps and splash around. We are working on getting Mom back into a bathing suit!!